Monday, July 16, 2007

C-Town Grocery Girl

Back in Brooklyn. I started from my house shortly after 8:00 AM and I arrived at 1:45 PM. I stopped several times because I felt tired and traffic was bad as soon as I got into the City. I'm a bit road weary.

The temperatures are hot and humid here. I plan to use my Internet time at the cafe, get some groceries, and then walk to ArtToFrames to give them an invoice for my effort last week.

One bit of insight before I close. Last Thursday when I arrived in New Hampshire, I was struck by how green everything is there. Green lawn, trees, fields, bushes, weeds even. Everything was strikingly green. Thinking now about the color reminds me of being in our descent into Helsinki, Finland in 1997 where I saw one after the other emerald green fields peppering the Finnish landscape.

Before I walked to Art To Frames to drop off my invoice, I stopped in C-Town. I went into the line of the same checkout girl as last week. She smiled at me, 'I see you in here all the time. Do you want a C-Town card?' I smiled back and talked a little with her and I noticed all her *bling!* *bling!* (including a wedding band).

I said that I would get a C-Town card next week so that I have some privacy to debate which address I should use.

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