Saturday, April 16, 2011


'Why are those carrots there?'

I look to the ottoman and see a huge bag of carrots.

'My roommate.


'Last November, my roommate decided to get healthy so he bought that bag of carrots.

'Ok, it's April now.

'Yeah, I know, but he pulled the carrots out of the fridge a few days ago.

Eyebrows furrow.

'So he takes a carrot out of the bag, slimy, slightly soft, and tries it. It's no good. Looks like he hasn't moved the carrots since then.


Quiet relaxation on the couch.

We stare at the carrots.

'I'm going to put the carrots in the bathtub.

I smile.

She moves.

I hear the heavy thunk of carrots in the tub.

'Let me know how long they stay in there, ok?