Thursday, December 26, 2013



The make believe language module

My 91-year old aunt and 77-year old bachelor uncle work through the daunting task of installing a replacement, hearing-aid-friendly telephone.

Reaching out, the pair calls my house. 'Are you available to help install the phone?'

My wife and infant son are with me, listening.

'Sounds ok to me, are you talking to me on the new phone?'


'Hmm, let's call each other a few times to test it.'


Ring, ring.

'Bonjour, comment allez vous?'

'Tim?  Is that you?'

'Oui.  Je m'appel Tim.'

Hang up. 

I dial out.

'Terve.  Mina olen Timo Somero.'

Hang up.

Ring, ring.


'Yes?' I ask.

'Was that you?'

'It was, but I think that your new phone is defective.  It only worked in French and Finnish!'