Thursday, July 5, 2007

Brooklyn Again


I drove to Yale Framing and I picked up my framed photos. During discussion with Jeff and Aaron, I have a job opportunity with Yale Framing to market Yale Framing on the Internet.

I called Derek and we'll get together next Tuesday.

I'm hungry.

My beans sprouted nicely and the basil sprouted, also. I have to do my sidewalk sweeping routine shortly, mail some bills and deposits, and then find something to eat. I'm debating whether I should make food here or eat out. I need to get groceries, also.

Like my first go-round, I have to remember that this is a pace thing. Not a sprint.
Also while I was in New Hampshire, a manufacturer approached me to be a rep for their product and help them build their business. Now Yale Framing. Maybe I'm finding my niche? Now it's just a matter of how to make money.

At the grocery store, the checkout girl asked me about chocolate yogurt and we had a friendly chat. She's looking for Breyer's Chocolate Smoothie yogurt and complained, 'The TV shouldn't show anything that isn't for sale yet.' Indeed.

On my walk back to the apartment, children again captivated me as mothers tended their toddlers as they walked around doing their daily business.

I'm a little bored, so I wrote up a proposal for Yale Framing and Molding, updated my resume, printed them both and walked them to Yale. Jeff seemed very excited and he's going to call me tonight to talk further.

My route home went through Sunset Park and it was a joy to see the children playing organized games with the recreation staff. One game was like duck, duck, goose, but with a water-laden sponge. Each player dripped water on everyone seated in the circle until they wrung out the sponge on some unsuspecting person. Funny how the recreation staff was the target of 9 of 10 rounds.

There is such a hopeful, optomistic spirit here.

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