Sunday, May 4, 2008

What's Your Favorite Color?

During church, my youngest niece walks up to me.

'What's your favorite color?'

I whisper, 'Blue.'

She walks away. Moments later, she's back.

'What's your second favorite color?'


She walks away, returning later.

'What's your third favorite color?'


Seeing the pattern as she walks away, I decide - yellow, white, purple, and then orange if I need it.

'What's your fourth favorite color?'


Later she returns, 'What's your...' She pauses, thinking, 'What's your...what's your five favorite color?'


Again, she goes away and returns shortly, 'What's your sixth favorite color?'


Moments later she returns with this colored picture for me.

Whats Your Favorite Color

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