Friday, May 23, 2008

Boom! You ok?


The striker kicks the ball into my lunging left foot, I feel sudden, sharp pain in my leg, yet I turn to see the ball squirt safely past the endline.

I smile.

'You ok?' The striker asks, worried that his kick hurt me.

'Yeah. I'm fine. I just pulled my hamstring again.' As I jog away happy to have defended the goal.

As you might guess, soccer is one of my passions. In childhood, a neighbor said, 'Everyone can play soccer and it's inexpensive. All that you need is a ball and you can play in your band shoes.' (Whatever band shoes are.)

Speaking of wearing band shoes, this reminds me of last summer when I watched the locals play soccer in Sunset Park in Brooklyn, NY.

Look at these shoes...

A Shoe Share in a Futbol Game in Sunset Park 1

The boys apparently could not afford two sets of soccer shoes, so they shared. One spiked shoe to each boy.

A Futbol Game in Sunset Park 1

The thought still brings tears to my eyes.

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