Thursday, May 8, 2008

Pizza Bait

I write into an IM window, 'Do you have time to get a slice of pizza after work?'

My co-worker says that she does, so after wrapping things up, we go and order a large, extra-cheese, mushroom, and onion pizza.

Unfortunately, it isn't a great pizza.

So I take three slices home debating if I should reheat them or just feed the pizza to the chickens.

I park my car at home and carry the pizza down to the coop when I collect the eggs. I open the door and heave the slices in for them.

Overnight, it rains so I walk out the door and decide not to water the chickens today. By habit, I look down to the pen from my driveway.


I see something staring at me from the live trap.



I walk down to acquaint myself with the critter who shies away from me, trapped.

I close my eyes and debate. Coonskin cap? Nah, but it is interesting. First the opossum, now a raccoon.

I open my eyes and look in the chicken pen, by now the chickens are walking about as they scratch the ground.

Oh man! A slice of pizza is at the edge of the chicken pen near the live trap.

Pizza bait!

I scare the coon to the far end of the trap, but he sits on the release lever. I open the door and prop it open with a long stick.

I sigh. I can't be late for work. I hope the coon doesn't return. I wonder, 'Do they learn their lesson?'

After starting my car, I look to see what the coon does and he's scurrying away from the shed and his furry belly sways as he runs down the stone wall to freedom.

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