Wednesday, May 14, 2008

New Ipswich Library: Ice Cream Social

'Who does this belong to?' Mikko showed the handle of his ice cream scoop to someone. The word 'Minun!' was there on masking tape wrapped tightly around the handle.


'You're right! What better than the Finnish word for 'mine' on my ice cream scoop?'

New Ipswich Library Open House

Mikko and I are Co-Presidents for the New Ipswich Library Trustees. The library hosted an Ice Cream Social last night and at one point, the library was elbow to elbow with men, women, and children.

In the children's section, youngsters were working on an art project. In the main area, adults were sitting or standing. And in the back, Mikko and I labored to scoop ice cream.

'Vanilla or strawberry?'

When my Finnish relatives walked in, Mikko and I reeled off some words like jäätelö (ice-cream) or the proper way to say hello and goodbye.

We started with 100 ice cream cups and 40 ice cream cones. We ended with less than a dozen empty cups and a dozen or so cones.

When we planned the event, our pessimistic prediction was 20, but we had more than 100 guests!

Thank you to everyone in the New Ipswich community for coming to the open house and we hope to see you return to use the library services.

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