Tuesday, May 6, 2008

The Free Pass

'I'll be at work at 7:00 to start on the release notes.'

Now I think, 'Why did I stay that?'

This morning, I am full of regret. It is 7:09 AM. I'm at home. Grr. Why do I say things like that? I have to go. Have to get the work done. Manufacturing line stopped. Need to go.

I open the door, check for my keys, and lock it behind me. I decide to not put water out for the chickens, but I look down towards the coop anyway.

A little furry guy looks back at me. Trapped!

I curse.

What is it?

So I walk down towards the coop and I live-trapped some critter last night. He has bushy, off-white fur. He seems blinded in the daylight, but his nose is active. I approach the live-trap. He's not upset.

I think so myself, 'What is it? A rat?'

Internally, I feel the clock ticking. I feel pressure to get to work.

Watching the critter, I move closer. My chickens are excited as they walk around the pen. The thing could be a rat, but I'm unsure. It looks like a rat tail, sort of damaged by time.

I don't have time to research what it is. I don't have time to shoot the thing, nor decide if I want to shoot it or not.

Slowly I move towards the cage, releasing the door, lifting it.

The critter isn't sure what's happening.

I set the trap again, door wide open and I walk towards the car.

The critter doesn't move.

He sniffs the air, stationary. I leave him inches away from his free pass.


When I got home, the animal was gone. I talked to my uncle about it, but we couldn't figure out what it was. We're thinking that it could be a possum, but that doesn't make sense.

Anyway, it's free. And I think that I need new topics to write about because I'm afraid that your patience may be wearing thin with all this bang-em-up shooting talk.

**final update**

I googled 'possum' and I learned that I trapped an opossum.

I had no clue that they lived around my house.

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