Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Sweating While Eating Oatmeal

It's stiflingly hot and humid at 5:20 AM.

I did a load of laundry at a local laundromat and I need to measure my car door to see if I can pick that door up in Springfield. Call for a haircut, and call my family in Wisconsin.

The mud from yesterday isn't dry yet so I don't plan to do much work in the front room today. The heat and humidity are just too high for the mud to dry. I might take a look at finishing the scraping job at the porch, but more likely, I'll take the train to Manhattan and go to TD Banknorth to get cash. Then maybe I'll take the ferry to Staten Island and explore there for a while.

I guess today is my slack day, but knowing me, I'll find a way to get spun up and intensely busy with something or the other.

To give you an idea of how hot and humid it is here, I broke out into a sweat while sitting here eating oatmeal and reading my diary. Sheesh.

I scraped paint for an hour or two and now I think that I'm going to sight see in Manhattan. I need to get cash and it would be good to have my camera out for a while. Maybe I'll head to Staten Island and look around there, too.

The drywall mud still isn't drying so I have to wait. I'm sick of scraping paint. Why not sightsee? I see little reason against it.

I called Jim from Staten Island and he says simply, 'So you're past the angry phase and now resigned to having no job.' He's right. It's ok to not work and figure out ways to waste my time.

Yesterday when I used the Internet, I saw two TD Banknorth ATM machines in New York City so I went to the one in the financial district. I got a bit mixed up with the address, but I found it eventually on Broad Street. And yes, I laughed at myself thinking that a $4 subway ride to avoid a $1.50 service charge for using a non-member ATM.

Afterwards, I rode the ferry to Staten Island and I wandered about. Cargo ships passing were enormous and I photographed a touching 9/11 memorial.

A Cargo Ship Passes Staten Island 1

Staten Island 9 11 Memorial 1

Staten Island 9 11 Memorial 2

I called Jim from Staten Island and he reported that someone called me regarding a gallery in July or August. I thought it was Tracy at first, but it was Lisa from Santos Dumont. I went to a public library to use the Internet and I got the Santos Dumont phone number and I hope to get my photos into the gallery there. In fact, I might bring the rest of my photos to the frame shop to get nice frames so I can charge $75.00 per displayed print.

I thought about eating in Staten Island, but I didn't see many appealing restaurants so I took the ferry back to Manhattan.

A Young Couple Rides the Staten Island Ferry 1

I walked through the financial district and I chuckled to see all the suits walking briskly with their slicked back hair, intense looks, high salaries, and undoubtedly high stress levels.

Finally, I chose a simple diner and I flirted with the waitress and tipped her generously. The meal was nice and the atmosphere was comfortable for its homey feeling.

The 3 train to Brooklyn was packed, so I chose a fairly empty car. It was a low-grade sauna and everyone, myself included, wiped sweat as we rode. No wonder the car was empty. I got off chuckling at the poor suckers who were boarding the train and I see a huddle of firefighters and blood on the subway station floor. A man lay bleeding and the paramedics were back boarding him. A cop directed everyone away from the man.

After using an alternate stairway and returning to the same level, I saw the paramedics and firefighters carry the man, barefoot, with a large, bloody welt over his right eye. Someone said softly, 'Why would anyone ever do that?' They walked past and later I heard sirens at the street level.

Funny how the elecrician across the street replied yesterday when I said 'Homeless guys who die on the subway and ride the train back and forth, back and forth.' He replied, 'We get numb to it and it's sad really.' So I walked past bloodshed, numb. The whole New York City thing is sinking in quicker than I expected.

Sounds like Jim and Tristan will be here the weekend after next and Jim is interested in targetted sight-seeing to the Empire State Building, Times Square, Wall Street and some ethnic restaurants. I'm looking forward to their arrival and maybe we can even have song services to satisfy the requirement that we have services here to maintain our church status.

I'm home now, tired. I will pick up the sanding and painting projects tomorrow. I'm also debating whether I should walk to Prospect Park. Annabelle and Lilly were incredulous that I would even think of it, but I walked much farther in Manhattan in ~sandals!~ so I don't see why I don't give it a try.

I also have to figure out my finances because I might be burning through money. Soon it will be a priority to make some money. Soon. But like Jim said, 'You'll think that it's cool to be out of work for five weeks or so and then you'll hit the - crap I need a job - stage.' He's likely right.

I close. Brooklyn bound, doing well, signing off.

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