Saturday, June 30, 2007

Rooster Crows

The rooster crows here. My cats as expected were tangled in my bed. I heard birds out my open windows, fresh air pouring in. Again, the sunlight tricked me into thinking it was much later than it is, but it's only 6:13 AM in New Hampshire. I am equally happy to wake here than I am to wake in Brooklyn where I could sit on the stoop and see the same sky and soft light from the rising sun.

Today I drive to buy car doors in Springfield, MA and then get my haircut. I might golf in the afternoon and I play in the Temple Band tonight. The moon is full and the night air is crisp so I'm tempted to climb Mount Watatic tonight. If I were in New York City, I would take the Staten Island Ferry to see the moon cast its light on the Statue of Liberty.

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