Friday, June 29, 2007

Arggh! Untracked

I'm in New Hampshire and in a foul mood. I woke at 4:00 in Brooklyn, left at 4:30 AM, and returned home to an empty house at 8:30 AM. I mowed the lawn. Used the Internet. Took three calls. Talked to my parents about using their truck tomorrow to pick up the car doors.

Some of my blueberries are ripe. I have tons of radishes to eat. My peas are growing nicely. The raspberries are full, but unripe. The potatoes are fine. The beans are growing nicely. The chickens are bigger now and seem to be maturing. And my cat, my beautiful darling cats, decided to urinate in a plastic box. At least they used the box?

I am starting a blog and I may move my diary exclusively this format. Being out of work is the pits. I'm not happy.

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