Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Brooklyn Swelters

The humidity, as predicted, is here. No dead bugs.

Sleep wasn't easy last night due to in part, I think, the caffeine in my decaf coffee from Starbucks. The humidity doesn't help either nor my loneliness. Soon I will go to the church to retrieve my photos and then I'll start my little driving tour to Home Depot, the Ford Dealer, and the frame shop.

I think today I'll rest more than I did yesterday.

(written on 06/27/07) So much for rest. I began preparing the first floor, front room to paint the ceiling and I found that the cracks and flakes are filled with regular drywall mud and luckily, I have a lot of experience with that. I mudded the first coat and then I went into Brooklyn Heights to use the Internet and had a nice Turkish dinner.

While using the Internet, I wrote to someone about the T-Bird door handle and hte guy called me from Springfield, MA and I'll buy a whole door from him for $50 and I have to make arrangements today. This is an unexpected surprise in light of the dealer telling me that the part is discontinued. Der.

And I arranged to have five frames made for my photos at $25/frame. I was happy with the price, but I had to spend my last $20 and now I have to get more cash money today because I am down to a dollar.

I'll sand the mud today, add a second coat, and maybe scrape more paint off the porch. I keep thinking to myself that the writer's life should be full of deep thoughts, but sitting around doing nothing doesn't seem like a great cauldron for thought so I'd rather be painting or doing something while I wait for inspiration.

I have to use the bathroom so I'll close.

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