Thursday, October 30, 2008

Question of Character

During the Keller at Large segment on WBZ radio today, Jon Keller said simply, 'The US Presidential election is coming down to a question of character.'

0 used his money to pay for a 30-minute infomercial last night. McCain is traveling by bus to campaign throughout northern Ohio.

0's character:
- family man
- foggy residency (I would really like to know, is he a US Citizen?)
- unexplained gaps in his personal history
- former cocaine user?
- associates with anti-Americans
- associates with anarchists
- unable to provide specifics on anything
- shows empathy, but little else

McCain's character:
- family man
- patriotic to a fault
- lives by blunt honesty
- 4th generation US military man
- scrappy fighter
- maverick
- loves America

So let's set the question of character against the failing world-wide economy. Things are bad, and they're going to get worse.

When the long, cold winter hits (either this year or next) and our fellow Americans are cold and hungry, would you rather have a US President standing by you who launched his campaign (but doesn't admit it anymore) from the living room of an anarchist (Bill Ayres)?

Or would you rather have McCain standing by you, who sacrificed his body as a POW because he refused to become political capital for the enemy and furthermore, encouraged his fellow Americans with smiles and hand gestures to keep up the good fight. Afterwards, the beatings doubled.

I have no clue who 0 will sell us out to when his money runs out and times get tough. But I know that McCain will give every ounce of his resources and energy to the America that I also know and love.


Elizabeth said...

How does McCain's Maverick label fit into this?

To be clear, I'm voting R next week, but it's sorta like voting down a well in the People's Republic of Mass.

Tim Somero said...

I added Maverick to the manifest of McCain's character traits.