Monday, October 27, 2008

Politics on the School Bus

The school bus was pulsing with energy from 39 people in our soccer program. The bus lumbered along towards Foxboro and a NE Revolution soccer game after we wrapped up our local soccer season earlier in the day.

Another coach and I sat together, weary. We wrapped up one of the most rewarding, yet trying seasons and talked intermittently as we rested during the bus ride.

As you know, US Presidential politics have been on my mind lately and I explored many points of view as demonstrated in my blog postings. As the bus moved, eventually our discussion turned to politics.

The other coach explained that he is a conservative Democrat and I am a moderate Republican.

His point: the government is too big for one person, the US President, to make a big difference.

My counter point (that I thought of later): then why are liberals so concerned about Bush?

He respected my point of view and I his. We explored corruption in upper management. We discussed social issues like abortion. He explained his odd track record of the anti-vote where he always votes for the loser in a US Presidential race.

The bus full of soccer enthusiasts saw the stadium lit up as we approached the parking lot.

He turns, 'Tim. Listen, you do know that 0 is going be elected, right?'


'And you do know that he will be assassinated, right?'

'Yes, I thought of that, too.'

And we both shrugged a little and looked into an uncertain future.

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