Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Conscience Versus Media Bias

I write for a living and there are flashes of time where I doubt the words that I pen.

With my technical writing, I have to carefully consider each word and step in procedures because revenue and livelihood hang in the balance.

So I relate intimately to an article by Michael S. Malone that is posted on ABCNews.com. The article explains the writer's journalistic experience and contrasts his humble integrity against the travesty of media bias in our current US Presidential election.

Media's Presidential Bias and Decline, by Michael S. Malone

If you are kind enough to read my words, you see clearly where my heart lies in the current US Presidential election. But I accept a future that goes contrary to my bias and one that is unknown, with silver-linings that are obscure in the moment, but do not appear for years. I want McCain to win: pure and simple. What is meant to happen will and I simply have my pen and a single vote.

However, the media bias as Malone describes corrupts the entire process. Our US Constitution guarantees us the right to vote and we should be able to trust the media to present balanced information so that we can judiciously exercise our right.

Time is winding down on the election and my last desperate thought is that my fellow Americans will put pen to ballot and be served by conscience to choose a candidate based on merits rather than a focused bias in the media.

Since the merits of the candidates are unclear and clouded, I have to trust conscience to sway the balance in our heart of hearts.

Because as ink touches paper, conscience ultimately decides.

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