Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Playing the 'Follow the Money' Game

I played the 'follow the money game' last night as it relates to national politics.

In business, to winnow truth from an unclear political situation, the follow the money game reveals who has resources, influence, and power and who stands to profit the most from any action.

Time and time again, I hear the media explain that 0 wants to prop up the middle class by taking money from the rich. And then I consider how much money 0 raised to spend dominating the media outlets and cause a frenzy among his supporters.

My mom said eloquently, 'I don't believe that his money comes in $5 and $20 donations.'

Neither do I.

Gobs and gobs of money means that someone who is rich gave it up.

But does any reasonable person buy this sales pitch:

"'re rich! Since you are rich, give me your money to elect me! And then after I get elected, I'll take the rest of your money and give it away!"

I believe that many rich people live vacant, lonely lives; but I never thought of them as fools.

So who would gain by giving 0 money?

The only place that I know of that has gobs of money from decades of profit is China.


Dumbfounded, I blinked as I discussed these topics with my mother last night.

Towards the end of our conversation, I said quietly, 'It would be so much different if the situation wasn't real. But it is real.'

She simply nodded and we looked to the floor.

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