Sunday, September 27, 2009

Going to the Big E Fair

My then co-worker Krista and I routinely ate lunch with our co-worker Carole.

During conversation during some random lunch early last summer, Krista blurts out, 'I'm taking you to the Big E fair, Tim!' Because her inside voice had been listing out my passions that include farming and agriculture.

Carole grins and laughs softly.

I brightly smile, 'Sounds good to me.'

So yesterday, we went to the Big E fair on a bright, crisp fall day. I hoped to see the Big Pig, but there were no pig barns this weekend.

I was fascinated by the cows, sheep, and horses. While in the cow barn, I saw this young girl sitting on a contented cow. A true ham, she lay on the cow and posed for me.

The Contented Cow and a Girl

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