Friday, September 18, 2009

Another Rooster...Bill?

If you follow my blog, you'll see below how my brother-in-law and I processed chickens last summer. When I told the story in-person to Bill (an occasional reader), his brow dropped when I got to the end of the story.

'You should have given the hen back to me.'

My heart sank. 'Uh oh.' I thought. 'So much for my misguided initiative.'

My current flock consists of Whipped Cream, Runt, Sisu, Spot, and two Americana Pullets who are not laying yet.

Spot is a rooster that Bill gave me last fall so keep the three laying hens warm.

Yesterday, Nina, from the Monadnock Backyard Farmers group in Yahoo offered a Rhode Island Red hen and a good looking (but noisy) rooster. I loaned her my live trap last summer to try and trap a fox, but she hadn't returned it.

We chatted briefly online and when I returned home last night, something caught my eye outside.

My live trap was tucked off my driveway and there was a very pretty rooster in there. I looked closer and saw the hen!

I sighed, 'Oh boy. Two roosters. Now what?'

Two roosters are bad news because the natural pecking order for chickens causes fighting.

After soccer practice I moved the new hen into the big coop and left the rooster in the live trap near the coop. Before work today, I need to give the rooster some food and water and contact Bill.


Want your rooster back?

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