Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Hunting in Dixie's Corn Field

My new smart phone has a built-in camera and I enjoy playing with the panorama feature.

Dixie's Cornfield in New Ipswich NH

The land in this image isn't technically Dixie's cornfield anymore, because she deeded the land to the Monadnock Conservation Commission.

But we townies will call it Dixie's for years to come.

Mark LeClair plants corn in the field every year and it's good to see this continue even after Dixie deeded the land.

One of my uncles owns the hill in the background and this location is a favorite hunting grounds for my family and friends.

Last fall, someone in my hunting party is watching the far end of the field.

Soon the radio crackles with profanity.

'What? What?' We ask.

'He's walking right towards me!' the voice strains in a hushed, frantic whisper.

'What is it?'


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