Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Falling Chips

Someone read my blog recently and noted, 'You haven't posted recently. Any plans to?'

The well-crafted question lingered in my thoughts for several weeks and I'll take a few minutes out of my recent entrepreneurial routine to share today.

Before bed last night, I reached down to an open bag of white corn tortilla chips.


The Internet enraptured me.


I continued reading.


'That's probably enough.' I thought, so I tossed the open bag from arm's reach. The heavy chips weighted the bag and it remained upright and open.

Finally, sleep.

Before sunrise, I woke and sat on my couch to conduct some business correspondence. My weight shifted as I sat on the couch. In the periphery of my senses, I noticed a tortilla chip settling into the bag.

I typed.

The chip settled again and my senses heightened.

I grinned knowingly.

I turned to look and I saw a mouse jumping inside the bag of chips, trying to escape.


I turned back to my e-mail.

My roommate stumbled out of his room, grunting as he tried to kick start his 40-year old body into wakefulness.

'Look in the chip bag.' I grinned.


'Serious, look in the bag.'

He peers inside and looks at me, 'A mouse!'

Next morning I ask my roommate, 'What happened to the mouse?'

'I couldn't kill it, so I took a long walk and set it free.'

I nod.

'But when I returned I left the chips outside for the birds so that none of us would accidentally eat them.'

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