Friday, April 25, 2008

Shh....did I tell you that I am a...

It's my guilty secret, but it's time to come clean. I am a memoir thief! I listen to stories I publish them here. Shhh...

At work, I dipped into the candy dish at the receptionists desk. I call the receptionist Buddy!

Buddy hunches over and says, 'Can I tell you a family story?'

I smile delighted! I might be able to steal a memoir. I lean towards her, 'Yes...what is it?'

She smiles and says, 'My Noni, the Italian word for great-grandmother, was 93 for like six years before she died. She was like totally nuts! So my cousin visits her house and for some reason drops a Playboy on her table. She picks it up and reads it, but eventually drifts to sleep. The Playboy open on her chest as she snores away.'

We sort of look at each other, but what are we going to do? She's sleeping!

Finally, Noni starts shaking a little bit as she wakes up, startled a little bit. She asks us, 'Was I sleeping?'

'Yes, Noni. You were.'

She looks around the room a little bewildered before saying softly.

'Oh. Naked women always make me so sleepy.'

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